Lucifer's Tom Ellis interview at Comic-Con london Show 2018

Sporting a set of horns for MCM London Comic Con, star of Lucifer and Miranda Tom Ellis took to the stage today to tell everyone how he was gutted when Lucifer was cancelled but was un-gutted when he saw the strength of the #SaveLucifer response.

On Saturday Lucifer Morningstar Tom Ellis arrived from Los Angeles to London appearing on MCM Comic Con London.

Hell is empty, the devil is here. Lucifer star Tom Ellis heads to London!


Tom Ellis sings a song at comic con interview


Photo by WrushMedia / back in October


London comiccon Merchandise Shopping props 2018 ExCel 4K


Video: People in Cosplay Costumes at Comic con


Photos by WrushMedia . More Cosplay and other photos see our Instagram , Supergirl flew in


Netflix presents Arrested Development at MCM London!

Arrested Development fans to see six of the cult fave sitcom’s wonderfully dysfunctional Bluth family taking over Saturday’s MCM Main Stage at 15:00.


More photos see our Instagram


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